A couple of comments here then. I have never heard of anyone getting dermatitis if they wear gloves and use safety glasses. I both use gloves and do not use gloves from time to time and have never gotten dermatitis and so that aspect depends on the individual. I have sever allergies but not to photographic chemicals it seems, and so this is a case by case basis.

I don't know how the chemicals in a darkroom can flatten a town! HQ? Metol? Carbonate? Hypo? Normal photographic darkroom chemicals are not explosive nor are they prone to catch fire.

Photographic chemicals caused skin cancer and cancer of the esophagus? This was determined how?? At Kodak, IDK of any concrete diagnosis of any cancer directly linked to photographic chemicals. The main things were allergic reactions, and liver and kidney problems, but not cancer. To this end, all of us working with chemicals had blood tests every 6 months where they looked for a variety of markers for liver and kidney damage and for cancer.