The best way to keep Kodachrome alive is if we actually go down to the store and buy some. My local Longs Drugs still sells 24 exposure rolls of K64, and I buy a roll or two everytime I go in.

I would hate it if Kodachrome went away, I have been looking at old slides from when I was a kid and even before I was born and the ones that were shot on Kodachrome were still bright and colorful, the ones that were shot on Ektachrome or Fujichrome looked like crap. All these slides were stored dark and only projected once in a while. Some of the Ektachrome slides were shot fairly receintly (mabe 15 years ago) and they looked faded while some of the Kodachrome was shot in the 1940's and 50's and still looked wonderful.

I don't know about the current E-6 films but what I have seen in the past does not leave me with much hope that they will be as good as the Kodachrome in the future.