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hi andre

do you currently shoot expired film, film that was cold stored for 10-20years ?
or are you just expecting that your film will be good without a "dry run" ..
Actually yes, most of the color film I have shot over the past 10 years has been expired film from Calumet Hollywood's expired film bin (room temp).

I have 260 4x5 sheets of Fuji Astia Exp. 2003. Now how many guys would LOVE to shoot Astia in 4x5 sheets, even with a correctable 5cc magenta shift?

To answer your question about the FRESH film I have recently frozen, here's a metaphor: When you were a kid, did you ever hit a bump or patch of ice/gravel with your sled or bike - immediately afterward - but before you hit the ground/tree, etc - you had absolute clarity - your sole job was to mitigate your injury.

That's were we are right now with film. I feel in 10, 15, 20 years we will know more exactly which developers go best to minimize base+fog on our expired B&W films, and what exposure adjustment, what CC filter and which developer additive to add to our expired color films to minimize color shift, etc.

I feel confident I can get a useable color negative with frozen 160 ASA Kodak Portra color negative film in 20 years, yes.