Why do people always complain about the weight of the RB? If you want a nice little light camera get a H'blad and be satisfied. The question should be is, can you make some money with this camera? Certainly it is great for decor photography with a 16X20 being a big seller from what I have read, and easily could go to a 20X24. For the price they are going for, (I know because I sold one on ebay and was sorry I did) they are a great camera to get started in that business. Then after you have sold some pics, you can get into 4X5's. Yes, they are heavy, but if you are using it to make money you have to do a little work. If you are only taking pictures to hang on the wall, they are a little overkill. A 35mm will do just fine for that. Have about 10 copies of your best 5-7 shots made and go to an art show and see if they sell. Read up on the biz on the internet and see what happens. Or put your work on a web page. After you get $200 for your shots, you will look at the RB as a nice light camera. Ric.