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Actually yes, most of the color film I have shot over the past 10 years has been expired film from Calumet Hollywood's expired film bin (room temp).

I have 260 4x5 sheets of Fuji Astia Exp. 2003. Now how many guys would LOVE to shoot Astia in 4x5 sheets, even with a correctable 5cc magenta shift?

To answer your question about the FRESH film I have recently frozen, here's a metaphor: When you were a kid, did you ever hit a bump or patch of ice/gravel with your sled or bike - immediately afterward - but before you hit the ground/tree, etc - you had absolute clarity - your sole job was to mitigate your injury.

That's were we are right now with film. I feel in 10, 15, 20 years we will know more exactly which developers go best to minimize base+fog on our expired B&W films, and what exposure adjustment, what CC filter and which developer additive to add to our expired color films to minimize color shift, etc.

I feel confident I can get a useable color negative with frozen 160 ASA Kodak Portra color negative film in 20 years, yes.

Are you going to answer questions straight out or continue going around in circles? Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Just provide the proof that film that has been frozen for 15, 20, 30 years (I've observed how your figures are now all over the place) is entirely useable and that the methods and means by which is is processed are available. You have not provided any proof, just bluff and bluster.

Regarding fine art. Oh please! How is this somehow entwined with film, and only film? Have you studied the realm of fine art? What branches throughout the realm of "fine art" rely solely on film? Photography? Really? I don't think so! I don't equate film, either its type, quantity, reputation or availability, with "fine art". Yet more nonsense being espoused by those thinking they've been there, done that and can thank film.

Your naivety is startling, truly startling. I don't think you've been in photography all that long, especially professional practice. Please just get on with photography rather than repeating how much film you've stuffed away for D-Day. And don't be so bloody rude and arrogant to assume of others, "if you're still alive" (presumably, we can wonder about you too?) we can stockpile! I think you need to shake out of your stupor, along with a few others.