I bought this a while back to rip apart and put the focal plane shutter on a larger camera. But I'm clearly never going to get around to it, so someone might as well use this thing. The handle has been removed and a little metal box along the side. I was given these parts in a bag, shown in one of the photos. It does seem to have the 'drop down' front bed. There are silver adjustable stop things in the front, which I believe, you use to set an exact place when pulling out your lens quickly.

The shutter fires. I watched it through all the settings and curtains and they all seem to be different, but I have no way to actually test the speeds. It's all a little rough as you can see, includes one lens board as shown, but seems perfectly usable to me.

I have $120 in it after paypal fees, and that's all I need to get out of it. I think it will fit in a medium flat rate box, so $12 shipping in the USA.