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hi andre

i have worked it out, and don't shoot color film for the most part, when i do it is numbery.
if i want "authentic" color, i will do tri color, not color film and use the doohicky on my desk
to compile the image .. or i'll hand color a b/w print ...

in 10-15 years time i will fall back on something i was doing in the 1980s (and never stopped) ..
when i was in college i taught myself to coat plates ... no expensive workshops,
no internet, just a 1904 annual with a recipe ...

besides, i find it much easier to coat glass or paper, than shooting expired film ...

do you currently shoot expired film, film that was cold stored for 10-20years ?
or are you just expecting that your film will be good without a "dry run" ..
I like the look of hand coloring more than color film anyway. I'll join you in that.