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Andre, you don't need to question me: the spotlight is on you and what you are saying.... Please only corroborate your statements with evidence for the benefit of the wider audience here. I have asked that, you have not provided. Nothing sinister about that, only drilling for facts in a welter of flash wordiness. I have done this thousands of times before in analysis to sift fact from fiction.
Dude, I am going to bring my New England frankness to the table and say that you sound like you're a few cans short of a six pack. I wouldn't want you beside me in a fox hole. i hope you have a super high IQ - higher than mine (140) - because you'll need the extra processing power to make up for your lack of intuition and imagination.

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if it makes you happy, that is all that counts !
Actually, I'm not happy at all about it. Financially I was not in a great position to take on more debt- despite my BH address, I am squarely a middle class renter. I took credit-union loans and stockpiled out of passion for the film medium. I did it with great reservation. But it's the ONLY thing to do right now. I did not stockpile high ISO films. I just need to add some 35mm color and 8x10 TXP and I'll be set.

Film photography for me is about the manipulation of time. Stretching time and events out, delaying events, appreciating events when one is emotionally and spiritually ready to assimilate them. Afterall, time is an illusion.