You are defining everything with contrast. Do you put this on to the table with MTF or Phase ? If we give wrong impression to the people , this goes wrong way. Phase contribution to the image is faraway greater , MTF is the one of the two variable at OTF. Real important one is the phase variable. If you use the highest possible MTF graphed , sharp lens , if the phase sucks , your image turn to an alien , like Japanese lenses. You can design a ultra high contrast lens - like my Fuji - but with a coma or vignetting , these are basic aberrations , it goes down.

MIT presented a research to input an image , extract its high frequency details , nonlinear analysis and than put the function work on an other image. This is some explanation.

Your novar must have a problem , Triotar is the real gentleman , never distracts the eye , lots of line detail and tones are legendary.

How we can define a legendary term , I am looking for a optics test lab at china and order few lens to be tested for phase.

Other interest area is to simulate the aberrations one by one and as a combinations derived from these tests on images and learn what is Leica and Zeiss were doing and how .

I think I will send the first lens after Christmas.