Vision + lighting + subject + film + developer + agitation + paper.
Given so many variables, I'm not sure my experience relates much to others.
I don't like critical sharpness, need good tonal separation in the shadows, relatively high contrast prints, highlights less important, sbr in a roll can vary considerably, develop in pyrocat, print on RC paper. To keep shadow detail in Delta 100 I've had to expose at 50, while PanF+ I can shoot full speed.

Its a compromise, but PanF+ is my sole slow speed film because it can deliver these properties on a consistant basis. I had too much trouble getting good shadow detail with my printing skills when using delta 100. Delta 100 could keep very good highlights in my workflow, and would sometimes lose shadow detail. I'm sure I could have improved my technique to rectify this, but PanF+ was already enough for me.