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Good god I HATE grain. I refuse to shoot Kodak for anything to be enlarged because of it, but with an 8x10 neg contact printing I should not see the grain, or does FP4 have boulder sized grain like Tri-x?.
Are you out of your tree?

TMX is the most grainless pictorial (i.e. not microfiche/lith) film you can buy, bar NONE - it is smoother than the ISO50 and ISO25 emulsions you can/could buy from Efke & Ilford. And TMY2 is likewise the most grainless for its speed - it has less grain than traditional ISO100 emulsions despite easily achieving well over 400. I have a 16x20" print from 6x7 (so 7.2x enlargement) TMY2 (shot at 800!) hanging right next to me and you have to stick your nose right in it to barely make out some grain structure in perfectly-focused eyelashes, otherwise it looks perfectly smooth with NO perceptible grain when viewed at 1m. And I have unusually good vision.

With a contact print, you ain't going to see grain even from a 3200-speed film, not that there are any in 8x10".

I agree that 400TX is a bit grainy, but it is a traditional-style 400-speed emulsion. What did you expect, precisely? Bagging the whole Kodak product line because Tri-X performs as expected is a bit silly. HP5+ is about as grainy and Fomapan 400 is far coarser.