I have uncovered my ancient Nikon COOLSCAN II (LS-20) 35mm negative and slide scanner. I bought this new in the late 90's before I bought a digital camera. It always worked fine and I am sure it can work again, IF YOU KNOW1-DSCN1267.JPG what you are doing. It is SCSI interface. I have no cables, but it does have a SCSI terminator installed. The power cable is standard 3 prong computer. I always kept a slide in it to reduce dust and it has never been cleaned or dismantled. I just checked Nikon and they no longer support it, but SilverFast says they do! I have 3 paper manuals and a pristine negative holder but no software. As is. I can sell it or preferably I will trade for B&W film of almost any kind, size and age. I will never use this thing again, yet it did digitize all my 60's to 90's 35mm. So I got my money and use out of it.1-DSCN1266.JPG