What a strange little fellow. I have never seen another like this. I bought it not knowing what it looked like. It arrived. I have two, well I have one for my Technika. I don't need two lenses of the same focal distance. Now this lens is not normal looking. It doesn't have an inner ring on the front. Along with the lens came a rather large step ring that allows for filters to be screwed on. There's a protective filter as well. Front and rear lens caps. All shutter speeds seem accurate. It's not anywhere near a perfect condition. Probably could use a good cleaning. I spent more than I'm asking. I'm going to offer this for sale for the person out there that needs a good but cheap piece of glass to get started in large format. That's the only way it makes sense to buy this lens unless you like ugly ducklings. How about $100 plus shipping?

150 mm
f5.6 - f45
Copal 0
shutter speeds 1 second to 1/125 and Bulb
X sync