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Thanks y'all. I ended up ordering a 25 sheet box of the Arista EDU stuff. It was the cheapest film that I could find for my trial runs.

In the future I'll probably order some FP4 in all formats because I'm trying to get away from Tri-X, and Kodak chemicals completely. I've got one more bag of Dektol to mix up and use, and 5 more rolls of 120 and then I'm done.
I've used the Arista in 4x5 and it has worked well, great for getting your feet under you and then some.

When you get to FP4 I'm sure you'll truly enjoy the results.

I also understand the worries nudging us all away from Kodak, but on the remote chance you don't know, the TX you know from 135 and 120 is not the same film as the TXP you'll get in sheets.

Using TXP in 4x5 is worth putting on your bucket list, it is truly special.