The A77 at the bottom was Ilford's old code for the date, The first Ilfospeed was definitely developer incorporated but Ilford never admitted that, they wanted large users to switch to Ilfospeed and the new Ilfospedd processors and drop the Ilfoprint range, the machines went first.

There is a paragrapgh tucked away in an Ilford datasheet that says Ilfospeed could be used in an Ilfoprint machine but it was never publicised, I only found it years later. I was given an Ilfoprint processor, dry mounting press and big rotatry glazer thrown out by a newspaer who had switched to Ilfospeed. If an Ilfoprint print was fixed after stabilisation it was just as permanent as any other FB print.

I used the Ilfoprint processor with no problems to make many hundreds (probably thousands) of prints using an Activator which I formulated to give identical results to a conventional developer, it contained Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Sulphite and Potassium bromide and there was no developing agent(s) needed. When Ilfospeed was revamped I was stuck with a useless machine, Ilford had cut the Hydroquinone from the emulsion and all I could achieve was an extremely weak image with the machine.