Henning Serger - If I didnt know better Id say you were deliberately trying to steer business away from us, in many of your posts you supply info like your advertising for these other labs.. FYI - It would cost someone in the N.America a fortune to send film to Germany instead of sending to us. I would put dr5 quality up against anything coming out of these other labs. My clients have sent us examples of their work... Best regards...

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Well, I know, used them, too. And they also offer development of Scala 200X in their process. Therefore no problems for North Americans to get their Scala films reversal processed.
As said above, no problems to get the film for those who like it. Ordering from overseas is quite easy today, compared to former times.
And most of the mentioned labs, including dr5, are doing international business.
And perhaps the film will be listed again by N.A. distributors if photographers demand it. We've recently seen just this with several other products from Europe, e.g. Agfa Copex Rapid film, Spur and Tetenal chemistry.

Some photographers like the look of Tri-X, others that of HP5, some of Delta 100.......and some just like the unique look of Scala 200X. With it's darker reproduction of reds (it is a bit orthopanchromatic sensitised) this film has its own character. Not being worse or better than other BW slide films, just different.
The tastes of photographers are different, so are the films.
And Adox is working on a long term successor of Scala for the time when stock is depleted.

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