Hmmm...seems I've got the film bug.
I thought it was time to say hi since I've found myself coming here more & more often to ask my very green questions about DIY processing and have met with nothing but good natured, clear information by people with a breadth of knowledge that is obvious and inspiring. What's there not to love?
So hi to all!
I'm Peter. I live in Sydney and have found my way to photography via film, (as in motion picture) via music. It's true! Bare with me....
For a few years when I was based in Melbourne (at the time a touring muso) I lived with a friend who also happened to be a film artist. She shot Super 8 and then worked directly onto the film (think Stan Brakhage/Len Lye) Her work is beautiful and she is still one of the smartest people I know. For a long time we discussed working together; her doing the images and me doing the sound/music. Finally, long after we'd stopped living together and were in different cities, we hatched a project. She equipped me with a Super 8 camera, gave me the low down and I took it with me on tour to Brasil. The idea was, I would shoot, she would treat the film and I'd do the sound. By the time that project was finished and had some screenings I'd become hooked on Super 8 and the relationship between light & the photochemical....and everything else that goes with it.
I suppose the other point of interest is that presently my number one love is motion picture film (but who knows, stills just might take over) and I'm here en route to my ultimate goal of processing my own Super 8 & 16mm. (If this is of interest you can follow my progress here)
So far I've begun processing my own B&W 35mm still (and loving it!) and am gearing up for my first run of C-41. I then will try E6 before moving to Super 8 & 16mm. The holy grail for me is 16mm colour neg. It's the dreaded Remjet backing that sends a shiver down the spine of the DIY processor! So I'd love to hear of anyone else's experience with this (I realise this is more for the cinematography community but just in case...!)
That's it.
I'm amazed by this forum and am here, wide eyed & excited.
LOng live film!