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I'd call MCC 110 warm-neutral, a little warmer than say MGIV when developed in a neutral developer. But it's a subjective thing.
I agree that Adox MCC 110 is balancing between neutral and slightly warm. It is warmer than Ilford MGIV but not quite as warm as the old Agfa MCC 111 . Recently I tried a a few sheets of Berger Variable CB , Warmtone in Adox Adotol liquid WA ( Warmtone developer ) and it gave a realy wonderful warm feeling with deep blacks and still an almost neutral white emulsion on the edges. It is available at Fotoimpex in Berlin and hopefully also through other sources. It is quite expensive, but for the right pictures I think it can be worth a try.
I have tried Ilford MGWT but that was from right after the paper was introduced. I thought that the emulsion was just a bit to creamy for my taste, but I have read somewhere that it has been changed. Right now I am awaiting a new delivery to see how it works.