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jnanian, dude, ISO 18928 defines storage practices for unprocessed photographic films and papers, consumer or not.
A good starting point.
i wasn't able to download and read the tech publication.
does it say that unprocessed film and paper have a superior shelf life
of 30 years if stored in whatever conditions they recommend or that
quality diminishes after a certain amount of time ?
it is a well known and undisputed fact that cosmic radiation destroys film
does this publication say the opposite ?

i have never suggested that film and paper won't survive a long storage
in a cold environment, or even in a bedroom drawer ..
i have processed exposed film that was 80 years old
and regularly expose and use film that is 10+ years expired ...
often times the development procedures is not "standard"
like processing "new" film in d76 or HC110 to get an acceptable image ...
and most of the time people question what the point is because
it is like guessing what is inside the black box ...

the problem with this thread is that some people just want examples and proof
of film that was stored ( for a long long time ), exposed and processed
so they can judge for themselves whether or not the quality is still there,
and instead they are given storage tips ... or info on film that was not even
close to 15 or 30 years expired ... there is a huge difference between 4-7 years and 15-20

You need health tips?
Natrum phosphoricum 9c, once every other month for 1 year.
thats ok, it was just an idiom, i'm good without big pharma