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Dear Pentax user....deeply appreciate the 'allegedly' in the sort of 'Have I got news for you' context, you do not have to worry, ever, I believe in people saying what they think about us and our products, I will always robustly defend, or on occasion agree to differ, but a healthy and positive honest debate is always to be encouraged...

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :
Simon thanks for this reply and I look forward to hearing about the tech dept's findings. Allegedly was a tongue in cheek use of the word but my sentiments would have been better expressed if I had said that I was attempting to take an impartial position and "sit on the fence" until the evidence was much clearer.

For others interested in this matter, I have just done a quick search of APUG on the subject and roughly for every person claiming that there is an issue with PanF+ compared to other Ilford films there is one who has had no such issue. The numbers involved was small on both sides

You learn a lot in a search, including now a healthy doubt on my part, based on your response, about those saying things such as "from Ilford sources" in this context.