Yes indeed, everything becomes fussier in color if one expects high quality. But the same lessons
become valuable at time in black and white work. 120 roll film can be esp fussy to enlarge because
it tends to be thin and not dimensionally stable. Scanner fluids are a proven asset in scanning per se,
but in enlargement would mainly serve just to supress dust and Newton rings - but I have no temptation to go there - just too much risk to the original with all that handling and cleaning. I'm prepping for color work now, but keep a more casual setup in a different darkroom for less demanding
black-and-white printing. Fiber-based paper creates a bit of lint, so when potentially working with
both processes during the same month, try to keep them isolated. One of the big problems with
conventional float "window" glass in a carrier is that it picks up dirt and condensation rather easily,
just like an uncoated lens filter, and also is really nasty if shattered.