Hi All

I've just (today) received a Sekonic L-778 spotmeter from KEH (LN-). When I turn it on, the battery check sometimes takes what appears to be an abnormally long time - I've measured up to 43 seconds on a stopwatch - before switching over to normal operating mode. The time appears to be related to how long the meter has been off for - if it's only been off for a few seconds, the battery check period is short (a couple of seconds). However if it has been off for a long period, then the battery check time is much longer. This does not seem right to me. The batteries are brand new 1.5V alkalines, and the battery check shows the maximum of 9 bar graph symbols.

I'm wondering whether anyone else with this meter could comment on whether theirs behaves in the same way? If this is not normal - and I doubt it is - then I'm thinking perhaps I should return it to KEH within the 14-day money back period in case it dies completely - I did see one thread on LF Photography Forum about a 778 that never left battery check mode! Unfortunately since I live in South Africa the round trip shipping is about $100 so this is not an easy decision!