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thanks for the info ...
these humidity controlled freezer &c ... are these freezers and controls available for everyday people to purchase and are they large enough to
hold a pallet of photographic film ?

it would not much use if freezer cost more than the pallet of film ! LOL

lucky for me i have a meat locker, but i can't really control the humidity ...
My freezer is old German one made by AEG in 1982, have dehumidifier in the room and use moisture-proof envelops and boxes.
You can use dehumidified room or cabinet 25% - 30% RH @ 21C (70F) for at least 24 hours, then move the films/paper in the freezer.

Here's one more from that 1985 TechPan roll (sat mostly in the fridge), from my gallery here on APUG http://www.apug.org/gallery1/showimage.php?i=56517&catid=member&imageuser=43025