Three Polaroids, all in good working order except as noted:

A 360 w/ Zeiss rangefinder. This model takes an electronic flash (not included) and two batteries. I have one in it now and it works fine. The other is for the flash and timer, which I have not tried. I fit a modern battery in with a spring at the end- no problem. Battery and spring included.

A 420. This one has the rangefinder disconnected (no movement of mirror when control is moved). It may be fixable, I don't know. I found out the rangefinder didn't work when I was on my trip across America. I set it just a little down from infinity and it seemed pretty sharp despite the guesswork. This camera has been rigged to take a 3V lithium wafer battery–easy to change and really cheap.

A 220. I have shot Fuji 100C with it for a test, but there is no battery in it now. The original battery chamber has not been modified. The wafer trick would work fine with this one as well.

All three for $100 plus postage. Two week money-back guarantee. The money will be going to The Photographic Historical Society of New England.