I was going through a small box of stuff that came with my camera, and I found a box if these. It was a box of 20, and there were 16 left.


So I sacrificed one to see what it was. I actually thought it was ancient instant peel apart film. I soon realized that it was actual film in a convenience pack. The expiration on the box was 2001.



Then I realized that I could take it apart quite easily. So I took two apart and put them in the 4x5 fidelity elite holders that arrived this afternoon.

What else is there to photograph in the back yard but the dog, so that's what I did. I put the SG on the tripod and begged and pleaded for the dog to hold still. He obliged. And then I shot a flower vine that is growing on our fence! Developed them in XTOL, and this is what I got!

My very first two 4x5 photos taken with a 70+ year old camera!! And my first two 4x5 photos ever!!


I'll scan them later on, but I'll have to piece them together because I only have a V500. Tomorrow I'll try contact prints.

They look a little thin, but I don't know if that's underexposure, age of the film, or problems with the camera - but I'm certainly excited to continue experimenting!!