Hey all,
Here's for you folk who need to get high! No, not talking cannabis, I don't touch that stuff, I prefer me some pyro!
This has been well used, I'm the 2nd owner(the 1st owner was a studio in Chicago). The last 4yrs by me. ROCK SOLID... Nothing more I can say. Good 'ol Gitzo quality!
Functions perfectly, but has a few COSTMETIC flaws(if you can call them that):

1. One of the locking rings/collars on one of the legs has had its rubber gripper ring lost, whatever... I put some gaffers tape on it 3yrs ago and its worked fine since then.
2. The PL-5 tripod plate has a missing piece of cork on the top plate. This hasn't stopped me from mounting my 8x10 camera to it, all the way down to a 35mm Nikon when a shot calls for an elevated view.

WYSIWYG, crank column(perfectly functioning) and all.

$450 shipped in the USA
int'l shipping will be EXPENSIVE, but if you're SERIOUS, I'll get you a quote on shipping.
Paypal if we split the fees 50/50, or a USPS Money Order/MoneyGram
p/u in-person is cool too, or shipping will be via UPS Ground

Dan(I'm the ugly guy in the picture below btw , just as a height reference" I'm 6'-5" tall)