Let me explain the extra milage statement..
I only get a chance to buy developing material a couple of times per year when friends or family travels to the US, and I really can't be an idiot and order tons of it. It's really hard to get access to chemistry here in brazil (simply finding a store that has any to sell). And when it's available, it's obscenely expensive. The same 1L pack of microphen which I bought at BH in New York for US$6.50 goes for US$29 (equivalent) here. At these prices, things get prohibitively expensive..
Getting the extra milage has more to do with being able to practice photography than not. If I could, I'd do things differently.

But I just cooked the two rolls and they came out BEAUTIFULLY!! Tmax100/Microphen/1+1/12min/20C. Really impressed with the results.. Thanks everybody for the input!
I gave it the extra minute over the 11 suggested because I tend to get weak negatives every time I develop to spec. I believe it might be my thermometer thats running a bit hot (it reads 20 but is actually 19~18). Yes I am working on getting a better (digital) one. I figured a 9% error towards better shadow detail would be a good idea!
PS: The one shot I was really worried about looks really nice but didn't have critical focus on her eyes... Photography can be unforgiving.