This is a mixed lot. It looks like the viewfinder/ground glass is from an Agfa. The film holders are Kodak's, but the camera is a Voigtlander Avus in 9x12 format.

It takes very lovely photographs however I am not a fan of 9x12 format because I don't have a negative holder for my enlarger. I do however happen to have the 9x12 inserts for the Jobo spiral tank system and I will include all 4 of them in this listing if you have a Jobo system and want them. No extra charge.

Like most old cameras this one could benefit greatly from a CLR. It's not a shelf queen at all but the optics are good, functionally it's operational and there's no light leaks that I know of now. One of the film holders had a bad light leak but I think I fixed that.

I know some people who would buy this listing just to get their hands on the film holders. Therefore I'm putting this price up a little expecting that the film holders really create an extra value. I'm asking $100 (plus shipping) for this camera and film holders. If you think that's not a great price but you're interested in the camera, please make an offer! Offers will be considered!