This is a Bronica ETRS with an AE prism (yes it works), a 75mm f2.8 lens and a speed winder. Now I happen to think the glass on this camera is worth shooting the camera, not the other way around. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the camera or not but I've had some situation where the shutter didn't fire and it left me standing scratching my head. Because of that I set it down and stopped using it. But gosh darn the optics on this lens are stunning. Fully open the bokeh is just out of this world. If you want that, then maybe you should buy this camera even though I think there might be some kind of wiring or connection problem. That problem doesn't happen all the time, actually it only happened once to me. I went online though and read about other people having the same problem so I figure it's a bug of some kind. If you can deal with bugs that are CHEAPLY PRICED just to get a nice piece of glass with great bokeh, then this camera makes sense. Otherwise, I'd say take a pass on this one.

$100 plus shipping