Here we have a fine piece of German machinery. I love to hold this camera because it's usually freezing cold and I love holding cold things. No seriously, this is a nice camera to hold, in my opinion. Everything is so exact. I love it! I wish I had tons of lens boards for it and tons of lenses for those lens boards I don't have. Well, this may sound sacreligious to some folks out there but I'm just gonna say it and let the chips fall where they may. I bought this camera because I appreciate fine quality. Then I started using it. I'm a landscape photographer primarily. That means I do a lot of hiking usually. And that's where this camera really falls short. There's nothing like putting on a 30 pound backpack with 4 cameras and lots of film and this that and the other, but you know my Crown Graphic a lot lighter. It's bigger too but not by much. But it sure is lighter. And it's also more convenient to me because it has a rangefinder and I fixed it up real nice replacing the splitter glass inside. So I'll probably never use this Technika. Though every time I hold it I freeze my fingers to the bone, err... I mean every time I hold it I feel like I'm holding greatness.

So this is the last model III. It looks like a model IV. Do not be confused about that. It will not take a IV lens board. It takes III lens boards and they are hard to find. I'm just mentioning everything bad in this listing so that in case you want to buy it but think that Linhofs are light as a feather and me talking about it being heavy will discourage you then I did a good thing. These are not light cameras and frankly I don't see how someone can realistically use it in a field situation involving hiking.

I'm asking $400 plus shipping. If you feel that's not a great price but you're still interested, then please make me an offer! Offers will be considered!

The glass on it is a Schneider Xenar 150 f4.5 in a press shutter. The optics are very sharp.