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Your last sentence is, I feel, a very shaky conclusion. Can we expect to see notices on meat soon that says "meat kills" or at least "eating meat can damage your health"

Maybe the meat lobby is too powerful as was the tobacco lobby for many years

I respect your heart-felt conclusions on the matter you mention and your right to take action appropriate to you but where is the evidenced based studies to back up the general conclusions.

We all of us may have our own theories on darkroom chemicals' propensity for harm, including me, but I don't think any of us would be happy to take medicines if they had been approved and released to the market on such little evidence.

Anything less than a properly conducted randomised control trial which involves thousands of people and a great deal of money to conduct remains suspect in terms of any conclusions reached.

I dont believe that vegetarians experience cancer at such a low level. However, there are clear benefits to such a diet including lower rates of cancer (among other diseases).

The China Study is one of the largest studies that looked into dietary choices and health.