Goerz Optical / Kenro
f/6.8 Process Dagor, Coated, in Barrel
$135 or best reasonable offer

Something not generally known is that Goerz made their Dagor lenses for use on graphic arts ("process") cameras, as well as for regular view cameras. This one was made for Kenro, who produced a line of these cameras for use in print shops and publishing houses. You don't see Process Dagors very often!

In addition to it being the renowned Dagor design, it was probably produced to slightly tighter standards than the regular Dagor lenses were because of the precision that's necessary in photo work for the printing trades.

The serial number would lead one to believe that this lens was produced in the 1930s, but I don't think that this is the case. I think that a different serial numbering system must have been used for this series of lenses because the barrel looks to be consistent with those produced later -- perhaps in the 1950s or 1960s -- and because the lens is coated. The coatings on the interior and exterior elements are of different color, which leads me to believe the coating was applied at the factory, as opposed to an aftermarket coating like Burke & James used to do.

I admit that this is conjecture on my part, but I've never seen a Dagor in a barrel like this one produced before the 1950s; I've only seen two other Process Dagors, and both were this focal length, black lacquered brass barrels like this one, and both were produced in the 1950s or 1960s, and looked identical to this one but with different markings.

In any event, on to the particulars: f-stops from f/6.8 to f/45. The glass is actually surprisingly clean and clear for its age and probable former use on a process camera. The front element surprises me in that it seems to have no cleaning marks. The rear element has one long very fine, curved scratch of the "cleaning mark" league, then one slightly thicker curved scratch about 1/2-centimeter long about 5mm in from the edge. Both are far from the optical axis and neither one should pose an optical problem. Believe me, I've shot with far worse than this with no ill effects, both in print shops and on view cameras.

I've been told that this lens will cover just about what a regular 8-1/4" Dagor will, maybe a little less. So you'll get mountains of movements on 5x7, and it'll possibly cover 8x10 straight on when stopped down.

It's not a big lens -- about 1-3/4" tall and about 2" wide at its widest spot. Sorry, I don't have a flange or retaining ring for it.

Weighs just over 5 ounces, so figure 1.5 pounds shipping weight from Zip Code 90027. Buyer pays shipping -- USPS or UPS in CONUS, USPS all others.

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