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Right, negatives are clear in those areas. So that rules out a light problem, it seems like just somehow there wasn't any development along the film edges of six frames, even though the film edge markings look fine. I'm trying to figure out if it could be something in camera but I've developed film from the same camera/lens that was taken after those pictures with no problems.

I did re-fix the film tonight so if nothing else I've learned all about not fixing film correctly. The negatives look much better and hopefully that will explain some of the problems I've been having with scanning.
I hope this doesn't sound like preaching, but test your fixer every time before you use it. Take a small piece of undeveloped film, put it in the fix you intend to use, and time how quickly it clears the emulsion. Rapid fixers shouldn't take more than 30-40 seconds, and regular fix not more than a minute to a minute and a half. If it starts to take longer you might run the risk of using exhausted fixer and it's time to retire it and mix fresh.

Also, measure the exact volume of fixer you need to basically fill the tank, minus a little at the top, so that you cover the reels entirely, but also to give a little bit of room for the medium to move around in the tank when you agitate. Don't fill the tank entirely.

If you already know this, then great, if not you have something to look into.