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Rollei Pan 25 (v1), introduced approx. in 2005/2006 was a modified NP15 emulsion from OrWo Filmotec. This version was a little bit less grainy and the film could be succesfully developed in any Pyrocatechine developer. Here an example (35mm) in AM50, a Pyrocatechine non-staining developer of Amaloco.

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ORWO NP15 was a good film, I still have a stash in the freezer from the late 80's and the last batch in the early 90's.
I think both Adox Pan 25 and Rollei Pan 25 v1 reminded me of NP15.
Too bad Adox and Rollei do not offer it anymore, the EFKE substitution was good in its own way but not the same thing and with the Fotokemika bust, its soon to be gone from the stores..

Agfa copex-rapid is quite something and probably the only thing left, that reminds me of Agfa APX 25 and ORWO NP15 but much sharper and faster, at ISO 40.

Thou, EFKE ortho vibe will be missed. I wonder if Foma think there is market..