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7dayshop is based in the Channel Islands, each Island has it's own government and tax laws, while they are British Depenencies they don't come under UK & EU tax laws and don't levy VAT. Technically they aren't in the EU. They are off shore tax havens and so cash rich. Imports into the UK (from outside the EU) are supposed to incur VAT butunder a threshold (not sure what it is now) are exempt, and small packages are often allowed in regardless.

From around April this year all goods sold into the U.K., no matter how small, carry VAt since the U.K. dropped the vat free system for the channel islands only. up until then anything under 15 could be sent to the U.K, without V.A.T. being charged, now you will find that these firms have, for the most part, have left the channel islands for either Switzerland or Luxenbourg, and now sell from these countrys, were they can sell goods to the value of 20 into the U.K. without paying V.A.T. on the goods, putting around 1500 to 2000 people out of work, with very little chance of finding work as, along with the U.K. and the rest of Europe, we are in deep recession,

7 day shop is now exporting from luxenbourg, but maintains a small office in Guernsey so why the prices should have increased so much is more to do with Europe than us here in the channel Islands, and to correct a point, we are not British dependicies, we are known as Crown peculiers, we have our own laws, customs and are closer to France than to Britain, also, small packages are no longer allowed into the UK without paying VAT, we have to pay the tax on any gifts we send privately to the uk, also anything, such as cameras, that are sent to the UK for repair, ever since APRIL this year,

sorry for the rant but we feel that the U.K. Goverment has let us down very badly over a number of things, and they have gained nothing, teh same goods are flowing into the country without VAT, and it is costing them twice as much as they are getting back, this is from U.K goverment figures released by the Dept concerned whe there was a High Court Case over this matter.

Rant Over