Am I missing something here? I sometimes use the ability to swing the lensboard and also prop up the baseboard to correct convergence in a negative - correctly set up the image is all in focus. (I forget the correct name for this setup - have to open up my "way beyond monochrome!) Also, in general use, surely the enlarger lens has a depth of field on the baseboard so provided the lens is swung so that the "midway" marks are aligned and are to all intents central, the DOF will absorb any microscopic misalignment. I have never quite understood the conversations re "aligning" an enlarger when they are fitted with adjustments that allow you to swing the lens board??

BTW, I also use a V1 with a dichroic head and find it an excellent enlarger. The neg carriers are glassless, and the light is totally cold at the negative due to the "light pipe" design. The guy I bought it from had been the official photog for british aerospace before he retired, and although I didn't know much about enlargers I figured he wouldn't have wanted to use a bad unit! Coupled with an RH analyser pro I think I have a great rig.

I have both 35mm and 6x6 neg holders for it. If anybody has a 645 neg holder I would like to buy it, but it isn't a showstopper to use 645 in the 6x6