In the end I found a good condition 28-70 f3.5-4.5 AF-D. It was nice to have a compact lens with the same 52mm filter ring as my primes. Having tested it, I'd say there is a fair bit of barrel distortion at the wide end, much worse than my 24mm f2.8 manual focus, but that it is actually very very sharp, even at the edges when wide, I am most impressed. The upside of this purchase was that the lens was attached to a basically free F90 in OK condition. Now I didn't need an F90, but now that I have one, it is actually a very nice camera. I miss not seeing the aperture in the viewfinder with my MF lenses (but I don't get that with my F100 anyway), all I have to work out now is what film I'm going to put into it.