I have never bought from 7 day shop, but checking their prices on HP5+ on multi buys, if you order 10 or more rolls then the price comes down to around 3.50 or their about's so their prices on multi buys are much cheaper, add in the free carriage,and they must still be very cheap, but I could never get goods from them in less than a week when they were based in Guernsey, our Sister Island, I always get from the U.K. but now even their return address is in the U.K, and not Guernsey, as it used to be, as regards Jessops, we don't have VAT in Jersey, we do have a 5% sales and goods tax, Roll of HP5 in local Jessops 4.44, needless to I order everything from the U.K., no vat on exports to Jersey, which is outside of the U.K and the E.U., and goods to the value of 250 can be imported from from anywhere tax free, it would be to expensive to collect it on under the 250, so it's win win for me