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Henning Serger - If I didnt know better Id say you were deliberately trying to steer business away from us, in many of your posts you supply info like your advertising for these other labs..
I've never advertised 'these other labs', just given the information that they are existing.
And that the original Scala-Process is still existing and run by several labs.
I've only written that because two members in the beginning of the thread (one from the U.S. and one from Canada) said that this process is long dead and not offered anymore. Which is simply wrong.
I've only given the forum members here the correct information about the status of Scala processing.

And furthermore I've written in my post about your lab, I quote:
"Well, I know, used them, too. And they also offer development of Scala 200X in their process. Therefore no problems for North Americans to get their Scala films reversal processed."

And I have also in some threads here on apug explained why BW reversal is so awesome and unique. And that those photographers who have never tried so far absolutely should try it now.

Therefore it is ridiculous to say I would try to steer business away from you. That is definitely not the case.

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FYI - It would cost someone in the N.America a fortune to send film to Germany instead of sending to us.
I've never recommended that.
The OP is from Europe, even the European Union, not from North America. It is much easier and hassle free to send films in between the EU compared to sending films across the Atlantic.

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