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There is certainly a small iso 25 market. Maybe too small for Ilford / Harman to introduce a Delta 25 film. Maybe a possibility for a new Fomapan 25 film or re-introduce the OrWo Filmotec NP15 emulsion.
You can also try the Agfa Gevaert emulsion (Rollei) Retro 80S which has an E.I. of 50 in most developers and is a very fine grained cubical type film too or pull an Acros 100 in an Ultra Fine Grain type developer. Copex, ATP1.1 or CMS20 is another solution but in fact you need a special developer for it and all micro films have problems in a high contrast light scene.
Thanks Роберт,
I am using almost all Agfa-Gevaert films (including CMS20) since their introduction. There are some examples I have posted on APUG.
Retro 80S and Superpan 200 are fine grained near IR capable films and there are lots of possibilities with them.
Retro 80S looks best to my eye in A49 or SPUR SD 2525, great film! Superpan 200 @ ISO 100 is great in almost all developers and really shines in medium format.