40mm f/4 Distagon T* CF FLE lens in excellent condition. The lens barrel is very clean with only light signs of careful use. The mechanics of the lens are all in perfect condition, shutter speeds sound great, aperture clicks nicely, focus is smooth and accurate and the FLE focus is smooth and clicks into place.

The glass is in excellent condition, there is one tiny micro spot on the front element near the edge, this is tiny, less than 1mm and is just on the coating. It looks like a micro water spot, is only visible when tilting the lens under harsh light. This will have no appreciable affect on your image. There is also some very light dust inside, common for all lenses and again, nothing which will affect your image.

Other than that it's a marvelously clean copy of this fantastic lens. Comes in the original box with 93mm filter holder, lens bag and both original caps.