Oh that's good to know information Ian. Sure answers that question for me! Now I wonder why it's the first one I've seen. Anyway, note to everyone, I'm still selling the lens. And actually I came to this listing to report that this morning inspecting the lens at much greater detail I see that there's some tiny amount of coating coming off the front element to the point that it looks like oil on water reflecting light, you know, swirly colorful. The only deal is it's like half of the front element. I didn't notice it before because I looked through this lens with that filter screwed on and you can't tell looking through the lens at all. So $75 might be more closer to it's value if you're picky about coating. It is a brilliantly sharp lens though. I'd keep it if I shot my Crown more often than I do as there might be a day when 135mm or 210mm doesn't quite do the trick for me, but that day would be like maybe 100 years from now? Thus why I'm selling it.