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...what information should be recorded. What im thinking of is film make and ISO, body, lens, f/stop and shutter speed. At the end of the list for that roll of film, I would like to keep record of what dev, stop and fixer was used along with time and temp.
You're referring to two different things here, exposure journal and development journal. To the exp journal notes I would add:

1) film rating if different from box speed.

2) meticulous notes re: a) precisely which subjects in the composition were metered (preferrably spot metered), b) their meter reading and c) if any + or - compensation was applied. This really gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to an exp journal. Center weighted and matrix metering won't give you sufficient control/feedback to yield consistent results. Consistency is the name of the game, eh?

3) filter, if any.

4) any other miscellaneous notes that might interest you to determine what went right/wrong w/ various aspects (sharpness, etc.) of an image, e.g. use of tripod, cable release, flash info, mirror-lock, etc.

Create your own Excel spreadsheet. The journal-keeping is largely neglected but extremely helpful.