Oh, good to know. Maybe I will look at that later tonight and see if I can detect any stiffness. Wow, if that was the only reason then hmmm.... man I sure do love this glass. I don't like bulky dimensions though it's a bulky camera reminds me of my RB 67 I got rid of. If I had a waist level finder and a hand crank I would keep this but I looked for 6 months for a waist level finder and they are like the price of a camera with a prism finder. Go figure! That's what happens when you have a more niche camera that is no longer made. You look for some things and they are impossible or very expensive to find. I'm still selling this camera everyone. don't worry, nothing can change my mind about the items I put up for sale I need to downsize!

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Probably the lube in the lens mechanism that transfers the motion of the pins on the camera body to trigger the shutter and diaphragm has gotten stiff. That's what it usually is. The camera does not generate a lot of force in that direction, all from springs. The stiff lube makes it hang up. Easy to fix. Take the back off the lens and clean and regrease.