Hey all,

Keeping the Jumbo tent, so this one is surplus at this time. Has some age-wear on it, very minimal IMO. Primarily used inside.
I'm the 2nd owner on it, first was a nice young lady who used it to load 16mm film for her short film documentary projects. Carefully used by myself the past 2 years or so. Interior is clean, no tears or other maladies that would compromise its light-tight capabilities.I've used this to load/unload up to (3) 8x10 holders at a time, but works like a treat for 4x5 or 5x7/8 or 4x10 with no issue! Yes its a tad cramped with 8x10, but it works fine.
Poles are original, as is the stuff sack for it.
Please see pictures below showing the wrinkling of the outer silver fabric, please be aware its a common, well documented occurrence with these tents.

This one I'm selling is the same as this one listed at B&H:

$165 + $15 shipping in the USA
Pickup/payment in-person is cool too, I'm always open to meeting fellow LF photographers in the flesh vs talking on forums
int'l folk please send a PM or e-mail stating your location, so I can send you a shipping quote.
*Payment via USPS Money Order/MoneyGram, Paypal if we split the fees 50/50*
Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail, unless you prefer UPS Ground