Split screen prisms are quite common among the manual focus cameras. A lot of them have interchangeable screens so you can pick the type you want. A few of these bodies - only one Pentax body and a handful of Nikons, even have interchangeable viewfinders that offer a world of flexibility.

Because it seems you have a K Mount lens - bayonet instead of screw type, you cannot use it on a Spotmatic or any other body with the M42 screw mount so you will have to get a K mount body. The range of bodies you can use this with are on either Manual focus types to Auto focus types.

Now if you buy the Nikon lens, you will need to get a Nikon body for it. Of course this will depend on the Nikon lens type.

If you go with a manual focus body, the main thing to consider is that you have some warranties/guarantees since these are generally a few decades old and there can be no accounting for previous owner. If you are in the US, you might want to look at KEH as they offer money back guarantees and particularly great prices.