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I love my Nikons. The F3 is a lot of camera, but it's a bit bigger than the FE and as someone already pointed out, it needs an adapter if you want to mount a flash (other than a SB- with the right type base).
If you are sensitive to size, you may want an FE, but I love my F3. They usually go for around $120 but keep an eye on KEH -- price varies and BGN grade can be a great deal if you're not concerned with cosmetics.
I totally agree, the F3 is a bit larger then the FE line of cameras, but not by much if a motor drive is not installed. One other nice thing bout the F3 is you can use it with more Nikon lenses then most of the cheaper Nikons. This comes into play if you are looking at using older lenses.

I have a FE2, F3, and a few F4 cameras. I am going to let the FE2 go to a new home because I like the ability to configure the F3 and F4 to what I need with different view screens among many other options.

You say you are not going to be using flash. If at any point in time you even think you may want to play with a flash I would not get a F3. Not only does it have a non standard flash shoe, it has a slow sync speed compared to my FE2.