Hi all.... just wondering if anyone has specifically used Adox Selenium Toner to tone Ilford MGIV RC Paper?

I'm talking about Adox Selenium Toner, as that's what I've got a bottle of here in my hand.

Despite what it might say on the bottle, I'm looking to gain some ideas from anyone on a good starting point for dilution & time in order to achieve both some extra permanence and a nice increase in Dmax... not really looking to change color, though I reckon the introduction of an ever-so-slight purple hue wouldn't bother me too much, as long as the blacks end up nice & deep.

I understand it's difficult to significantly change the hue on Ilford MGIV RC anyway, is that right?

I know I can experiment, and that I will do, but I would really appreciate reading about anyone else's experience with this before mixing up a batch & having a go.

Look forward to reading you, many thanks