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I carry my Tech V in a Kelty backpack and RPI cases along with 4 lenses, my meter, filters, holders, etc. Frankly, it doesn't feel any heavier than my Hasselblad, 4 lenses, meter, filters, etc. did.
I heard and hear that. I had a 30 pound Mamiya RB67 kit including tripod. I have a Crown Graphic kit that's less weight and I can also carry my Zero Image 4x5 Deluxe and a box of Readyloads in the backpack whereas I couldn't carry all the RB67 lenses I had in the backpack. Anyway, I don't see the use for hauling heavy gear any more though. Not on any wilderness trips. I made some adjustments in my gear this last year and a half. I'm good with letting go of this Technika. I am trying to clean my life up down to no excess weight and in many ways that applies here. Along with my adjustments, my idea of a backpacking camera is one of my Fuji's. I have a GW690, a GA645 and an X100 digital camera. My favorite now being the X100 after using it for a month and a half. It's the best trail camera made, in my opinion. All things considered, weight and optical performance matter the most to me and the Fuji X100 has that whereas the X1 doesn't IMO due to weight. I'm a superlight to ultralight trekker. I go longer distances that way. I employ the use of sneaker-zoom. That's the kind of zoom you get when you use your sneakers to run here, there. Except in my case it's not sneakers but instead hiking boots! My style of photography favors wide angle. So I have mostly everything I want in one camera. The quality of images is outstanding and I don't see the need to have a full frame Leica M as a result. However I'm working myself into the Leica M direction ultimately because bigger is better and I could easily do that on day hikes with a few lenses no problem. That's my next camera, after I get that raise I want

Thanks for your comments. I'm sure others will appreciate the weight of the Technika as compared with some medium format cameras like the Hasselblads and Mamiya RB67's etc.