I just pulled from the "darkroom" (a.k.a. the guest bathroom) eight rolls of film (FP4 Plus) that I processed earlier today; having shot the film over the course of the last two weekends, I decided to spend the evening getting caught up with my darkroom work. Cutting them into strips to fit my Printfile pages, I noticed something odd: the spacing between the images differs on several of the rolls. i.e. on five of the rolls, the space is a few millimetres, as is typical for the Hasselblad film backs; on three others, the spacing ranges from less than 2 millimetres to almost half-an-inch! What gives? Am I experiencing wear on the gears that transport the film? Is this typical? Is the issue repairable at a "reasonable" cost, or should I just pick up some replacements from KEH? Unfortunately, I can only isolate the problem down to four of my A12s (I use black for black and white...). Thus far, I have not lost any images due to the issue, but may run the risk of doing so if the problem worsens. Ideas?